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They reflect my thoughts and views, my musing about the world, and each carries with it a bit of my heart
and soul.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Birth of Spring

 I do love Springtime, a time of renewal and promise, of possibility and magnificent colors splashed across the landscape like some glorious painting by Monet:

  Me, I can't draw or paint a lick no matter how hard I try. So painting what I see this time of year is out of the question. 

  But...I can write...a little :) And I love to write poetry, it's my first true love of all the writing genres. It's the one that coaxed words from my heart when I was still a child and struggled find some way to express the inexplicable emotions roiling around in my brain. Beauty, anger, confusion, happiness, love...all those emotions we deal with as adolescents were expressed, how ever feebly in my first attempts, through poetry.

  So now, all these decades later, it's still poetry that I turn to first to give voice to the wonders around me that stir my soul. A freshly unfurled leaf, a delicate colorful flower petal, the tiny chirps of the baby birds I hear outside my door...all of these stir my poet's heart each spring.

 Thank goodness for digital photography, for these days this hobby also give me an outlet to express my artistic notions. So in honor of the beginning of yet another ode to the birth of this glorious season :)

The Birth of Spring

Exquisite wildflowers-
Comely and delicate
with pastel-splashed petals
lift their tiny faces skyward.

Unfurled tree and ferns-
Soft and plump,
taut with the anticipation
of leafing out.

Gentle breezes-
Heavy with sweetness
imbued with flowers' fragrance
caress our noses.

Courting birds-
Dance together,
bound in genetic rituals,
They build their nests.

Bees and butterflies-
Pollen laden,
waltz in and out of flowers
leaving golden calling cards.

Mother Nature-
awakens from her slumber.
Her gestation complete,
She gives birth to Spring.

Rose S. Williams

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