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They reflect my thoughts and views, my musing about the world, and each carries with it a bit of my heart
and soul.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer Forever (A prose poem with photos)

Summer Forever 

Every year Summer rides in on a sweaty steed, bringing with

him languid afternoons where heat shimmers off 

sidewalks and roadways like expelled dragon’s breath.
The earth moves slothfully now, as do we all, slowed to a

snail’s pace by the oppressive heat.

And if on cue, June brings with it the Sum
mer Solstice and late

afternoon thunderstorms whose clouds gather like a

marauding army on the far horizon.
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They mass together, growing darker and more ominous as

they approach.

We shiver, even though we are sweating, the foreboding

thought of tornadoes never far from our minds.
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These looming storms possess unbridled power in the form of 

lightening strikes, bolts of fire and brimstone sent downward 

from the heavens in some reverse joke of the gods.

Humans, animals, fish and fowl all huddle under their flimsy 

cover of beam and glass,
bush and tree,
grass and leaf,
nest and shell
cowering as the white hot bolts fly and the thunder drums roll.

We listen to the words the heavens sing in a chorus of

thunderous voices and pray for rain. 

Rain comes softly first,
on the rooftops and treetops as we scurry out of its reach.

Long denied plants and trees stretch outwards and upwards 

eagerly catching the gift from the heavens.
The parched soil drinks in the rainfall, thirstily drawing the 

moisture down into itself and filtering it outwards
to the tangled maze of roots from trees, grasses and flowers.

The storms subsides after a while, spent from its exertion, and

the rain slows to a drizzle. Afterwards, we emerge from our

nooks and crannies, taking in this wondrous newly washed 

we walk along the streams and riverbanks,
or stroll along the wet, sandy beaches
as we drink in the sparkling air, freshly washed like laundry 

and hung out for us to enjoy. For now, the storm has passed 

and Summer has begun.

And so, we’ll float along in the summer swirl of heat and rain…

rinse and repeat,

rinse and repeat from June until August,

wilting in the sizzling sun,
baking in the blistering rays.

Day in and out, each one starting in a glorious sunrise of gold
and ending in an equally breathtaking sunset of orange and

As ice caps melt and ocean waters rise we are heading toward

a perpetual summer,
a planet where we will swelter all year long rather than a 

seasonal searing.

We will eventually forget the other seasons; fall, winter, spring

will become long lost tales of wonder and enchantment as

summer reigns supreme and everlasting.

Rose S. Williams

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