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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

We Remember

A repost in honor of all those lost on 9/11/01 and in honor of their families who are still grieving. It's really a poem for ALL of us, for we all lost something very precious that day, and we will NEVER forget.
We Remember
We remember.
We woke to a normal day.
Coffee brewing,
morning rituals,
all the constant and familiar things
that mark the beginning of another day.
Who knew that day would be different?

We saw the news.
Images forever frozen in our minds,
as our world crashed down around us.
Images of people dying before our eyes
we were immobilized, helpless,
even the heroes who stormed to the battle
were turned back
or devoured by the dragon.

We stared in disbelief,
at what the day had wrought.
We wept, we watched, we prayed.
We remember.
would things be the same, for any of us.
So many lives forever changed,
on the day the sky showered steel and concrete,
the day, for a few moments, that the world stood still.
Life, as we had known it, was rendered extinct.
We remember.

We remember still,
we weep, we pray.
We grieve for what was lost-
The lives, the dreams, the innocence.
We commemorate the date,
forever etched in the annals of time.

That fateful day
Forever marking a time when all the world
turned its eyes our way,
and as time passes, the sorrow fades a bit
until another September creeps in
and once again, 

we remember.
We will always remember.

Rose S. Williams
September 2007

The photos here are some I took this morning of a 9-11 dedication on the Plaza of the Americans on the campus of the University of Florida...there is a flag for each life lost on 9-11...may we always remember.

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