Stories from my little corner of the world, the South. Some are from the present, some from the past...but all are from my heart.

They reflect my thoughts and views, my musing about the world, and each carries with it a bit of my heart
and soul.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy 35th

Thirty five years
Three and a half decades
Four hundred and twenty months
Eighteen hundred and twenty weeks
Twelve thousand, seven hundred and seventy five days
That's how long we've been wed.
So many memories in all that time...
We had no clue
all those years ago
what lay ahead of us.
Perhaps no one really does,
and we were young, so very young
when we exchanged our vows,
pledging our lives
to one another.

From this day forward~
From our humble beginnings,
with a justice of the peace
we would be together
through thick or thin
facing whatever came our way.

For better, for worse~
through the laughter and joy
to the tears and sorrow
we committed ourselves.
The times were hard
and we had so little,
except for love.

For richer, for poorer~
We had little money
sharing the lean times,
laughing over scraping together
enough change for an RC Cola
and a Moon Pie.

In sickness and in health~
Through a difficult pregnancy,
a sick baby in the hospital
we supported each other
and we muddled through it all
with love in our hearts and 
hope and dreams for our little family.


To love and to cherish~
Always the love overcame
even when harsh words were spoken.

We've grown to appreciate
the joys of sharing a life together realizing the simple things are what we treasure most.

'Till death do us part~
And here we are all these many years later
Keeping the faith and hope
of love that lives eternal.

Tending the home fires,
thankful for each day
of being together.

And so it goes,
and will continue
for as long as we both shall live.

Each year marking this date
as the beginning 
of our journey together.

Happy Anniversary Wayne, I love you for now and always,


Rose S. Williams


  1. Aawww..........Rose, I love traveling through time with you....I soooo much enjoyed these photos. What a wonderful, and beautiful, life you have had with Wayne. I wish the two of you only the best for years and years and years to come.

  2. Wow, that man had him some hair didn't he????????

    Thirty-five years is quite an accomplishment for your family, Rose. It speaks to good people on the right path.

  3. Thanks so much's been a wonderful ride, even in the hard times because we stuck it out and worked together. We were so young-19 and 22--and we eloped! That's why I have no traditional wedding pictures...but I treasure the ones I do have. Thank you for the well wishes :)

  4. LOL @ Mike---yes he did have a head of hair. It was down to his waist when we first met, our first "date" was a blind date set up by two friends, we went canoeing in the Swamp with the for the day. That's a big reason the Swamp is so special to us :)
    Thank you for your kind words...we work on it everyday, that's what it takes, I think.