Stories from my little corner of the world, the South. Some are from the present, some from the past...but all are from my heart.

They reflect my thoughts and views, my musing about the world, and each carries with it a bit of my heart
and soul.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Good-bye Ms. Sally Ride

So goodbye, Ms. Ride, goodbye~
we wish you well on this journey
to the vast unknown,
our hearts are heavy as the moon.

You, Ms. Ride-- Role Model Extraordinare,
will be sorely missed.
You, who dared to toss
the possibility of lofty dreams
to young girls everywhere.

You, whose actions spoke volumes
showing them they could be and do anything,
you lifted them up from societal roles...
you freed them from convention.

At ten, you inspired my daughter
not only to think of all she could be,
but to actually BE you,
a walking, talking Living History example
for her classmates.
Sara-1992 as Sally Ride for a Living History Project at Glen Springs Elementary

You motivated our family to recreate you-
the full costume, down to the air tank
and helmet, the shiny silver space shoes
we worked together,
inspired by our imagined you...
recreating a young girl's dream
into an enthusiastic school project.

We joined in that dream readily
thankful for you pioneer spirit
energized by your daring soul that leapt
gleefully from the boundary of Earth,
opening doorways and minds,
to soar into the Heavens.

So, fly free and fast to that Great Beyond
forever etched as a hero
in my minds and heart.
We wish you godspeed, love and light.

Rose Steedley Williams


  1. Thank you Mike, she was such an inspiration to so many young girls, of which Sara was one.