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Friday, April 1, 2011

Small Memories

*A poem I wrote about 12 years ago when my daughter was about 16. I had been laying in the hammock in my back yard reading when a neighbor's son and granddaughter came outside. Watching them there, her about 5 or so, made me remember when my own daughter was that young...and my Small Memories of her :)

Sara and I riding down in the cable cars at Stone Mt.

Small Memories

Pay me no mind
as I watch you
with your small one
and reminisce
of when my own
was just as small
and still desired
to stay close by
my side all day.

It doesn’t seem
so long ago
Yet when I look
around to find
her--She is gone
out having fun
And I am left
with memories.
Time goes so fast!

She’s gone with friends
out to the mall
or a movie
doing the things
teenagers do
and I am here,
about a time
when she was small.

So you with your
small one should hold
fast to these times.
You see, they will
pass by quickly
and then one day
you, too, will have
left to you just
small memories.

Rose S. Williams

One of my favorite photos of the two of us--I was one of five chaperones who took Sara's Girl Scout troop to Savannah for a weekend. It was so much fun :)
The time goes by so very fast when they are young...we just can't see it because we're so busy with Life. Before you know it, they're all grown up and out on their own.

Sara and I at Brasstown Bald last month (March 2011) while on vacation.

The two of us acting silly with the Photo Booth on the Mac :)

Rose Steedley Williams

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