Stories from my little corner of the world, the South. Some are from the present, some from the past...but all are from my heart.

They reflect my thoughts and views, my musing about the world, and each carries with it a bit of my heart
and soul.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


 We all carry this load

grappling on our backs

at one time or another,

this heavy burlap sack

of sorrow and pain

wondering if it will ever lighten.

It's a byproduct

of loving

of caring

of losing...

how could we have known

it would be such a burden?

Others don't realize

if it's been a while,

they've forgotten its weight

on their back

in their heart

and they've let go

some of the sorrow

they've set it free,

sent off with prayers

to their gods

or in meditations

let it go

with the wind.

But to those of us

whose burdens are still fresh,

still stinging, heavy, and raw

we see it in the eyes of others

we see it behind their smiles

the pain that sits there

like a raptor

waiting for a moment

of weakness to grasp

the tender, fragile heart

and make them remember

their loss with tears.

We see them,

they may look unbowed

to the eyes of most,

but we see the curve of their shoulders,

sagging ever so slightly,

under the burden of grief.

And...we mourn with them

though they may never know.

Rose Steedley Williams


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